The Sacred Lake Fundudzi

lake fundudziFor the past month, the ACHA project team has been preparing for the field work phase on the new Lake Fundudzi project funded by the National Heritage Council. A questionnaire to collect data in the field has been developed by Ian Durbach and Bantu Halam with input from the project team. It is currently being reviewed by an external reference group and will be finalised this week! A literature review by Heather Wares has been conducted to create a historical context for the field work and an experienced field work assistant from the area has been sourced to work with Lusanda Ngcaweni.The team will be coming together at the end of the week to finalise the preparations for the field work and Lusanda will be heading out to begin the process of collecting information. Make sure you stay tuned to find out more about the project as it unfolds!

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