Underwaterheritage.org joins ACHA

Welcome back to the Underwaterheritage.org Blog. After a long break, we’ve now become part of the new African Centre for Heritage Activities (ACHA), a not-for-profit organisation that has been set up to promote heritage in general, and Maritime and Underwater Cultural Heritage in particular, in Africa and to develop capacity and infrastructure in the field.

ACHA and its partners are already involved in some exciting projects in South Africa and Mozambique and will use the blog to publish updates on what its up to, discuss various issues and encourage conversations and opinions around heritage and development. There’s also lots of fun stuff to get involved with so keep an eye on the blog, on the ACHA Facebook page and the @ACHAtweets twitter account.

We’re about to start a project in Mozambique so you’ll see some updates on that soon.

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About JonSharfman

Jonathan Sharfman is a maritime archaeologist. He received his Master Degree from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and is currently completing his PhD at Leiden, Netherlands. Although he thinks he has a certain boyish charm, he’s just immature. Still, you can contact him: diveheritage@gmail.com Follow @JonSharfman on Twitter

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